Liberty Green

Housing for the Houseless

UPDATE: The Liberty Green homeless shelter and treatment center is nearing final approval and contracts. Groundbreaking will occur in June 2022 on Phase 1 of the Liberty Green Village. Stay tuned for details.


The Liberty Green project will bring an innovative and caring solution to the homeless problems in the Spokane County area. This project is privately funded and backed by federal, state and local grants pending determined benchmarks.

The Liberty Organization is comprised of private investors and like minded supporters, some from Spokane originally. that have all agreed to self fund this amazing opportunity for the unhoused in Spokane County.

Located on the western edge of Liberty Lake in Green Acres, this facility will be built on privately owned land, at no burden to the state or county. Full project completion will be as much as four years. As the houseless initially move onto the property to stay in tents and vehicles, construction will begin using the labor of the residents, with onsite training provided.

By the completion of the project the Liberty Green will provide housing for up to 275 individuals, including 125 dedicated family beds and pod units. The community will feature state of the art treatment methods and services as well as on-site job placements. The project will also include dedicated transportation from Spokane and surrounding areas to ensure access to services. Private van transportation to local grocery stores, pharmacies and other community businesses.

Phase 1-2 June 2022 - May 2023

Phase 3-4 May 2023 - June 2025

Liberty Green Location:

Exact location withheld for the security of our neighbors and future clients.